Gasoline prices: Algeria in the top 5 in Africa

A report by Zutobi, an international online driving education company, published on April 28, 2022, lists the countries with the cheapest and most expensive fuel costs in the world.

The study, which examines gasoline prices in more than 150 countries and territories, uses the world’s best-selling car — the Toyota Corolla — to calculate the distance a driver can travel on $50 worth of fuel in the tank.

Countries where fuel costs the least

1 — Venezuela: $0.03 per liter ($0.11 per gallon of gasoline)

Venezuela has the largest known reserves of crude oil in the world. It is therefore not surprising that gasoline is so cheap in this Latin American country. At $0.11 per gallon (3.8 liters), it’s $5.95 cheaper than the global average.

2 — Libya: $0.04 per liter ($0.15 per gallon of gasoline)

Another oil-rich country comes second. Hydrocarbons represent 97% of Libyan exports. This abundance allows gasoline to be very cheap, so its cost per gallon is only $0.15 ($0.04/L).

3 — Iran: $0.06 per liter ($0.23 per gallon of gasoline)

Iran has the third lowest fuel prices in the world. In this Central Asian nation, the cost of a liter of gasoline is only $0.06. Although the country’s oil production is affected by international sanctions, it remains at a high level, which keeps the price low.

Countries where fuel is the most expensive

1 — Hong Kong: $3.45 per liter ($13.10 per gallon of gasoline)

Hong Kong has the highest gasoline prices in the world. A liter of gasoline in the special administrative region costs 3.45 dollars. This is more than double the world average.

2 — Netherlands: $3.10 per liter ($11.75 per gallon of gasoline)

The Netherlands is the second most expensive country in the world for gasoline. The price of a liter of gasoline there is currently $3.10, making it the most expensive nation in the western world.

3 — Norway: $3 per liter ($11.36 per gallon of gasoline)

Norway, just behind the Netherlands, is the third highest petrol price country in the world. Norwegians have to pay $3 per liter on average.

The 5 African countries with the lowest fuel prices

Here is the list of the 5 African countries where fuel costs the least. We note that Algeria, with the price of $0.38 per liter ($1.46 per gallon), ranks 2and position, just behind Libya.

  1. Libya ($0.04 per litre)
  2. Algeria ($0.38 per litre)
  3. Angola ($0.42 per liter)
  4. Nigeria ($0.48 per liter)
  5. Egypt ($0.62 per litre)

It should be noted that during the Supplementary Finance Law (LFC) 2020, the Algerian government decided to increase the prices of the various fuels “to reduce their waste”, according to the words of the Minister of Finance at the time, Abderrahmane Raouya.

Thus, the new fuel prices are as follows:

  • Diesel (Diesel): 29.01 DA/L (+5.95 DA)
  • Premium petrol 45.97 29.01 DA/L (+4 AD)
  • Normal petrol: 43.71 29.01 AD/L (+4.76 AD)
  • Unleaded petrol: 29.01 DA/L (+4 DA)
  • LPG: 9 AD

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