Gaspard Ulliel: his ex-girlfriend Gaëlle Pietri restored the truth to a rumor concerning him

In a very beautiful text published on Instagram, Gaëlle Pietri recalls the need to maintain the memory of her ex-companion, actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died on January 19. She sheds light in passing on an aspect of her private life before the accident which was fatal to her.

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In addition to his early disappearance at the age of 37, these are the circumstances of the death of Gaspard ulliel who shocked. The actor died on January 19 after a terrible accident on a ski slope. The tributes of the cinema, and not only, very quickly multiplied after the tragic news, especially since the deceased left behind his family, made up of his ex-companion Gaelle Pietri, with whom he had a romance from 2013 to 2020, and their 7-year-old son named Orso. The young woman, revealed as a model, had taken a month before making her first public statement. She then confided through an Instagram post that the relatives of her former darling would come together around a cause that was close to her heart, by contributing to an association for the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

Gaëlle Pietri assures that no one shared the life of Gaspard Ulliel at the time of his death

His period of mourning has been prolonged since then, even if Gaëlle Pietri respects what had once animated her couple, that is to say discretion. But this Tuesday, May 10, she published a new, very beautiful message in memory of Gaspard Ulliel on social networks. She returns to the absolute necessity of keeping alive the image full of wisdom and lucidity of the one who has been at her side for seven years. She slips in passing a precision on the private life of her ex-companion, which contradicts certain rumors which have been relayed in the media: “No one shared Gaspard’s life at the time of the tragedy, she writes. It is therefore incumbent on us with Gaspard’s parents to protect his memory as well as the future of Orso. I respect the dignity of the beings who, near or far, have come across and accompanied Gaspard during his life.”writes the young woman.

The message of love from an ex-companion bruised by mourning

She expresses only one regret, worded as follows: “The event of his departure affected us in a direct and individual way without us having been able to have time for preparation or even organization”. But she also returns to the fact that“During these difficult times”everything was done for the best “to honor the presence of each and everyone around their remains”. She finally says she is happy and grateful to see that the film More than ever, one of the last films in which Gaspard Ulliel participated, is in selection at the next Cannes Film Festival, which will begin on Tuesday, May 17. Gaëlle Pietri concludes: “I thank Gaspard for the intelligence he has given to his actions and his career. This is all that I support and that we have to preserve in a common dignity”.

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