Gastón Pauls spoke with Marina Charpentier

During Friday, “Free Beings” had a new chapter, Gaston Pauls He invited Marina Charpentier who told about the addictions suffered by his son Santiago.

The cycle conducted by the actor investigates the problem of addictions of Argentine celebrities, the participation of Chano’s mother is not the first, in 2021 Charpentier was present on the program due to her son’s relapse.

In addition, the talk took place after Marina’s presentation in the Senate where she spoke about the Mental Health Law.

With Stella Maurig, mother of David Maurig, a young addict who took his own life in July 2019, called the Mother March on June 24 at 12 noon in Congress, they invite the march on June 24. To make the pain of families visible when a person cannot be hospitalized.

Since I came to this program last year, mothers began to approach me. I have heard more than 10,000 testimonies that they suffer and ask me for help..”, declared Marina Charpentier in Living Beings, he also added “I am broke. My son is hospitalized, which for me is the best thing that can happen to a person who was like him. In my case, my son had to be hospitalized, because he alone could not stop consuming, he could not with his life

Regarding your talk about the Mental Health LawCharpentier commented “Today the mental health law does not help us, it does not work.” and I add “Justice is asking my son if he is okay or if he is satisfied or if he wants to go. Help me so that he does not have to go. If my son goes home now, he is not free.

He also added that Santiago “Chano” Charpentier suffered a relapse, “Addition is a chronic disease. My son was happy, clean and well for 6 months. But something made him relapse. I learned that I have to enjoy the moments when my son is well, because I don’t know how long it will last. ” and commented on his current situation, “I am very sad. I have no doubts that my son will be able to, will recover his life, but I will not deny that I have just spent very difficult months, that I have a son in hospital, that I miss him. I am deeply hurt, I’m broken.”

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