‘Gato’ Cuba hopes Melissa finds a job: “If she’s fine, my daughter will be fine”

The ‘Gato’ Cuba spoke about his ex Melissa Paredes and her financial status, since there are rumors that they would not be so well off financially. The soccer player was interviewed by Amor y Fuego, and stated that he is the most interested in his ex-partner being well “because of her daughter.”

“I am not very sure if he is financially well or not, I gave him a large sum of money on the subject of the divorce. I am the most interested in her being able to get a job, the truth is, because if she is fine, my daughter is fine, “ emphasized.

In addition, he revealed that the couple of “Activator” Anthony Aranda still has an outstanding balance and that perhaps because of his situation. ”, he added.

TROME - 'Gato' Cuba confesses: Melissa Paredes's ex talks about the 'Activator'

When asked if it bothers him that his daughter Mía shares with Anthony Aranda, current partner of Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo Cuba indicated that it is a situation that will happen and that he has no problems with it.

“I believe that as long as my daughter is calm and healthy, and does not represent a threat to her, as long as she spends time with her mother, I have no problem.”, he stated.

The Sport Boys defender He also spoke about his current relationship with Ale Venturo. “She is a sweet and sincere woman,” said ‘Gato’ Cuba, making it clear that she is experiencing a great moment in her relationship after the pain caused by her breakup with Melissa Paredes.

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