Gavião Arqueiro │ 5 reasons to watch the new Marvel series

The new series of Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU) arrives at Disney+ this Wednesday (24) with a proposal very different from other productions released for streaming so far. Rather than discussing grief, presenting the weight of the legacy or opening the door to the multiverse, Archer hawk it relies on a much simpler and more human story: that of the hero who just wants a day off, but who has to deal with the burden of his profession.

And it is precisely because this plot is more down to earth that many people are in doubt whether or not to watch the series. Let’s agree that Hawkeye is hardly anyone’s favorite character and the very warm ending of What If….? it has made even the most passionate fans of Marvel quite wary of upcoming productions.

However, there is nothing to fear. Although the scope of the new series is much smaller than other productions released so far, it’s this more everyday approach that catches the eye. The story of the hero who wants to get home in time to spend Christmas with his family is that reminder that the Avengers are people like us too and that they go through some pretty mundane troubles—or that they’re not always about saving our existence. of complete and utter obliteration.

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So, if you don’t know if you should dedicate your next Wednesdays to Archer hawk, O Canaltech lists 5 good reasons to watch the adventure of the MCU’s most underrated hero.

5. Inspired by an excellent comic

We make fun of the character, but the truth is that the fact that Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is a powerless hero is what makes him more interesting. And this is an aspect very present in the comics that served as the basis for the series.

Promotional art makes direct reference to the comics (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

The arc of Gavião Arqueiro stories written with Matt Fraction is one of the great modern classics of Marvel, winner of several awards and responsible for changing the perception that many people had of the character at the time. In addition to adopting a very peculiar artistic style, it also changed the tone of the plot and gave a much more human touch to the hero.

For that, the author decided to show what Barton does in his free time, that is, outside the Avengers. That’s where we follow his daily life as an almost normal guy, with his bad mood and sarcasm dealing with street gangs and bizarre villains while he needs to train a young heroine and take care of a dog he found on the street.

And a lot of that was carried over into the series. All visual identity of Archer hawk it alludes to the art of David Aja, with a more minimalist style and drawing to a very flashy purple and the plot tonic follows the same molds of portraying Barton as this common guy.

The series even brought the Lucky Dog from the comics (Image: Press Release/Marvel Studios)

Of course the story had to be adapted, but the mood is the same. The series puts the character on the ground and shows that he is really just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life who, by chance, is among the most powerful heroes on Earth. So much so that he gets beaten up by henchmen of a gang of thugs who wear sweatpants and is always grumpy about having to deal with absurd situations like this when all he wanted was a few days of peace with his family.

The relationship with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and the Lucky dog ​​himself are elements that also left the comics and are explored here. So, if you liked the comic, expect to see something along these lines here.

4. Everything or charisma of Kate Bishop

And while Archer hawk relies heavily on comics to build this setting, the series has a difference that is crucial in the overall dynamics of the story: the true protagonist of the story is Kate Bishop and not Clint Barton.

Kate Bishop is pure charisma and is ready to conquer the MCU (Image: Press Release/Marvel Studios)

At least that’s what the first two episodes of the series convey, giving a huge focus on the newcomer and her story. And this is a very good idea, since the original title of the show — Hawkeye — serves as much for the Gavião Arqueiro that we know as for Gaviã Arqueira, which is the title the character uses in the comics.

This unexpected protagonism is far from being a problem, because the actress Hailee Steinfeld is very charismatic and manages to handle the responsibility well and delivers a character that is very easy for us to like. With a way too excited, she contrasts a lot with the grumpy spirit of Barton, which makes the dynamic between the pair of heroes the best thing about the series.

In terms of skill, Bishop leaves nothing to be desired from his mentor (Image: Press/Marvel Studios)

It’s so fun to see the pair together, even more when they start to argue and make fun of the irrelevance of Gavião Arqueiro within the MCU. Although he is one of the original Avengers, he is little remembered and Bishop is one of the few exceptions who revere the archer. And that yields great dialogues trying to understand why people don’t value it and what can be done to get around it.

If the idea is to renew the roster of heroes and bring in a new generation to replace the old guard, Kate Bishop was a straight shot for Marvel.

3. Connecting with the future of Marvel

Like everything on MCU, Archer hawk it’s not just a stand-alone series and we already know it will connect with the rest of the Marvel movie and streaming universe. Kevin Feige himself, president of Marvel Studios, has already confirmed that the story of the show will connect directly with Eco, recently announced series and coming soon to Disney+.

Maya Lopez will win her own series, which already indicates her importance for the future of the MCU (Image: Press Release/Marvel Studios)

The character is in Hawk, played by actress Alacqua Cox. Until now, little has been said about the size of her role in the plot, as she appears very little in the first two episodes of the series. However, the fact that she has a spin-off to call her own is already a big indication of how much larger her share will be than that of the punching bag villain.

In the comics, Eco is a heroine who is initially introduced as a Daredevil villain. Deceived by the King of Crime, she believes that the Fearless Man was responsible for her father’s death and, therefore, goes after the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen. After discovering the truth, she starts fighting crime and takes on the nickname Ronin for a while — a bond that was used to bring her to the series.

So, for those who still hope to see Daredevil being reinstated to the MCU, follow the debut of Eco in Archer hawk is an important first step.

Is Echo’s debut the gateway to Daredevil and Kingpin’s return? (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

Another connection the series has with the future is once again related to Kate Bishop. In the comics, the character is a member of the Young Avengers group and Marvel has already been signaling that the team is moving towards appearing on screen. Thus, getting to know Bishop is essential to get ready for an eventual announcement of the team.

2. Great acting and interesting characters

But not everything is future and Archer hawk delivers a lot in the present too. As said, Hailee Steinfeld is the big surprise of the series, with a very charismatic representation of this young woman excited to meet her childhood hero. And she’s not the only one doing nice.

In the first episodes, actor Tony Dalton steals the scene (Better Call Saul), who plays the suspect Jack Duquesne. In the series, he is introduced as Kate’s newest stepfather, but it is suggested that he has some spurious business and that he should go on to be one of the plot’s villains. In the comics, your character is the villain Swordsman, who was responsible for training Hawkeye when he was still a criminal.

Jack Duquesne and Eleanor Bishop are two characters that promise to deliver much more in the next few episodes (Image: Press Release/Marvel Studios)

But, more than heading towards this possible turnaround, the actor is a huge surprise. At first, he seems to be just a supporting role in Kate’s core family, but he quickly turns into someone very interesting, with a kind of malice and wit in his speech that makes us turn on the red flag for him. There is a fencing duel between him and his stepdaughter that is one of the highlights of the premiere episodes of Archer hawk.

Jeremy Renner himself is doing very well, bringing different facets to his Hawkeye. At the same time that he is this curmudgeon who is tired of saving the world, he also brings this someone with various traumas, mainly for having lost his best friend in such a traumatic way and guilty for having followed a path as dark as the Ronin.

And then there’s the promise of Alacqua Cox as Maya Lopez, the Eco. The character appears very little in these early episodes, but it’s interesting to see how the deaf girl who has never acted in her life will fare in a series as big as this one.

1. The hero’s farewell

Marvel has not commented on the possibility of Archer hawk whether or not it is Barton’s farewell to the MCU, but the truth is that all the evidence points to it. So the simple fact of finding out if Gavião is really going to say goodbye to the franchise or not is a reason to follow the series.

There is already a kind of farewell atmosphere for old Gavião Arqueiro. Will be? (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

And there’s no denying that there’s a farewell vibe to the story. When the character promises his wife that he’ll come home in time for Christmas, it’s almost like a certificate that he’s going to die before then, which already piques our curiosity. Plus, there’s the fact that he’s training a successor, which is also a strong indication that this should happen — not least because it would be redundant to have two archers inside the MCU.

We are already seeing this attempt by Marvel to renew its group of heroes and, as said, everything suggests that it is a matter of time before the Young Avengers appear. That way, Clint Barton has already accomplished his mission and can say goodbye — and the series should tell how he’s going to reach the peace to do that.

Barton’s quest for redemption is the motto of the character’s journey (Image: Press Release/Marvel Studios)

This is where all the drama mentioned above gains weight. After losing his friend and becoming a crazy murderer, Barton needs to make peace with himself and being in contact with someone younger and who is inspired by him is a very traditional way to achieve this redemption. And that almost always ends with a death and a passing of the baton.

And it is worth remembering that Black Widow left a huge cue for Archer hawk, indicating that Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) should go after Barton because she believes he was responsible for the death of Natasha (Scarlett Johansson). How people found out what happened in Vormir, no one knows, but the chances of having this confrontation coming there are huge.

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