Gendarmerie seized a shipment of marijuana in Puerto Iguazú

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 | 5:20 p.m.

Personnel from the National Gendarmerie, belonging to the 13 Iguazú Squadron, today seized almost 40 kilos of marijuana that was abandoned by two people who fled in the riverside area.

According to data provided by the force, the procedure was carried out in the early hours of the day, when officers observed two individuals carrying a large package, who, realizing the presence of uniformed personnel, threw the load and fled.

With the presence of skillful witnesses, they proceeded to identify the package. It was a large package wrapped in nylon tape giving off a strong characteristic marijuana odor. Later, and with prior authorization from the Federal Court of Eldorado, they proceeded to transfer the package to the premises of Squadron 13 “Iguazú”.

There, the criminalistics and forensic studies staff of this unit carried out field tests on the 48 packages, resulting in a chromatically positive result for marijuana, yielding a total weight of 38,480.5 grams. The estimated value is $9,060,233.73 pesos, the spokespersons added.

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