General meeting and ceremony: the Federal Association of System Gastronomy celebrates its 15th anniversary

Federal Association of System Gastronomy e. V

General meeting and ceremony: the Federal Association of System Gastronomy celebrates its 15th anniversary

Munich (ots)

The Bundesverband der Systemgastronomie eV (BdS) celebrated its 15th anniversary since the restructuring in 2007 in the European cultural city of Salzburg. Numerous well-wishers from politics, business and society brought their congratulations to the association.

“The BdS has written a success story in 15 years. We are collective bargaining partners out of conviction. We give people professional opportunities. We are the voice of system gastronomy.” With this statement, BdS General Manager Andrea Belegante opened the General Assembly. Belegante recalled the beginnings of the association: “The first office equipment of the BdS consisted of camping tables and camping chairs in a small office in Munich. Today we have over 830 member companies, our members welcome over four million guests every day and are medium-sized employers for over 120,000 employees . Every third euro spent in gastronomy is spent in the restaurants of system gastronomy.” According to Belegante, on the association’s birthday it was time to look back on the successes of the last 15 years.

“A total of eight concluded collective agreements show the great social and collective bargaining responsibility that the BdS assumes,” said Vice President Alexander van Bömmel, referring to the social partnership out of conviction, adding: “Companies without a collective agreement are like ships without a compass.” The Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education, Dr. In his video message, Thomas Sattelberger emphasized the commitment and performance of the association in training young people. Steffen Kampeter (Managing Director of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations), Guido Zeitler (Chairman of the Food, Enjoyment and Restaurants Union), Martin Hagen (Chairman of the Bavarian Free Democratic Party) or Dr. Lukas Köhler (deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag) sent their congratulations on the anniversary.

In the corona crisis, it was possible to secure jobs and the continued existence of companies, despite the historically most difficult situation for system gastronomy. “Our members have done their homework. Investments in staff, digitization of the restaurants and innovations in products have meant that we can look to the future with optimism despite the enormous turbulence,” said the general manager with confidence about the future of system gastronomy.

In retrospect, one is pleased about the positive development of the BdS in the last 15 years. However, Belegante also made it clear that the path was not always easy: “Together with its members, the BdS has earned its success through hard work, professionalism and perseverance. 15 years of BdS – we can all be proud of that.”

New BdS presidency elected

During the general meeting, the BdS members also elected a new executive committee. All members of the Executive Committee were confirmed in their offices. President Sandra Mühlhause, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald’s Germany LLC, and Vice President Alexander van Bömmel, franchisee at Burger King, remain at the helm of the BdS. Frank Bierkamper (Burger King franchisee), Peter Bohnet (McDonald’s franchisee), Ingo Gugisch (Vice President People Relations FR L’Osteria SE), Joana Johannsen (Head of Legal Germany & Austria AmRest), Marcus Lettschulte (Vice President Legal McDonald’s Deutschland LLC), Frauke Petersen-Hanson (Mcdonald’s franchisee) and Mirko Silz (CEO FR L’Osteria SE) were elected to the association’s executive committee.

In the sign of a strong network

In addition, two new member systems were welcomed into the association. With the market entry of “puro” and the “Starnberger Alm”, courageous entrepreneurs demonstrated the enormous potential in system gastronomy, as Belegante emphasized. New supporting members, who help shape the strong network of the BdS, were also welcomed. Frischli, Billbox, sell & pick, Testando, True Refrigeration, Edgar, Salomon FoodWorld and Seda Germany have joined the BdS community of values.

New logo

Just in time for the association’s anniversary, the BdS presents a revised logo. BdS General Manager Andrea Belegante: “We are modern, we are attractive, we are up-to-date, we do not remain in old structures, but continue to develop, move with the times and now proudly show this to the outside world with our new logo.”

Musical ceremony

With more than 170 guests, the BdS celebrated its anniversary in a ceremony. Conductor, composer, author, communication trainer and speaker Peter Stangel and the musicians of the Taschenphilharmonie managed to combine musical delights, entertainment and insights into modern leadership in an impressive lecture, which was rewarded with frenetic applause and standing ovations from the audience.

With this year’s general meeting, the BdS, together with its members and sponsoring members, once again underlined that they should continue on their positive and successful path.

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