Genshin Impact 3.3: the update with Italian subtitles has a release date

If you are waiting for the introduction of Italian language support in Genshin Impact, know that it will not take long. Over the last few hours, in fact, the development team of the popular free to play has formalized the launch day of the update to version 3.3.

Hoyoverse has opened the official portal dedicated to pre-registrations of Italian gamers, who can register on the site not only to receive notification of the debut of the next Genshin Impact update, but also to try to win one of the numerous prizes that will be distributed to the lucky winners of the competition. However, this is not the interesting fact, since the element that immediately attracted the attention of gamers is in the main banner of the site, which finally makes the release date of version 3.3 official. In fact, free to play players will be able to download and play the Italian version of Genshin Impact starting next year December 7, 2022which is in about two weeks.

At this point we expect a live stream dedicated to the news of the content update this weekend or the next, so as to also discover all the details on Wanderer and Faruzan, the two characters who will arrive with future timed banners.

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