[Genshin Impact] Big update with new region will bring character based on Su

The Inazuma region arc is coming to an end and Hoyoverse should soon introduce a new part of the map for Genshin Impact players. According to recent leaks, the name of the new region will be Sumeru. But on top of that, there was also the reveal of an upcoming new character that was apparently based on the character Su from Honkai Impact 3rd.

The leaker (person who reveals information before official announcements) Ubatcha1 revealed to us the appearance of the new character that should arrive in the new major update of Genshin, which will bring together the new region of Sumeru. If it’s really true information, the character will be based on Su, from Honkai Impact 3rd. In previous leaks, he’s been rumored to have the Dendro element and be part of a high-ranking position in the new region.

Several characters from Genshin Impact are based on those from Honkai Impact 3rd

In case you didn’t know, Honkai Impact 3rd is Hoyoverse’s second most popular title and its characters often serve as inspiration for Genshin Impact. Example: Yae Miko, recently released in the game, has several similarities to Yae Sakura, including her color palette and hairstyle.

There are no playable characters with the Dendro element yet

Genshin Impact does not yet have playable characters with the Dendro element. This is an element with the potential to completely change the game, mainly because of two elemental reactions, Intensified and Overgrown. Apparently, Intensified will give a considerable damage bonus when the Dendro and Electro elements are combined.

The combination of Dendro and Hydro will activate the Overgrown reaction, causing “explosive seeds” to fall to the ground.

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