Genshin Impact, event "Shadows in the heart of the blizzard" : the complete guide (Day 1)

News tip Genshin Impact, event “Shadows in the heart of the blizzard” : the complete guide (Day 1)

Published on 11/25/2021 9:50 AM, updated on 25/11/2021 at 18:40

A new event, “Shadows in the heart of the blizzard”, arrives on Genshin Impact to accompany version 2.3, and it will take you back to the Dosdragon Mountains of Teyvat. Discover our complete guide.

Genshin Impact version 2.3 has just arrived, and the main event for Genshin Impact is about to begin. You will meet there in particular Eula and Albedo who can be summoned at this time. This event will require you to be at Adventure Level 20 and complete the Archons quest. For a future without tears.

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Added explanation of challenges

Shadows in the heart of the Blizzard

Genshin Impact, event "Shadows in the heart of the blizzard" : the complete guide (Day 1)

This event will take place in 3 acts, which will unlock challenges, and a shop will also be available for the duration of the event.

Start by following the quest Snowy pass which must have appeared in your journal. This will eventually take you to Dosdragon Mountains, and by unlocking the trials.

Born of the snow

By completing act 1 Snowy past, you will unlock the game mode Born of the snow. Your mission will be to obtain various snowman pieces during the other challenges, and use them to create one. Building several will allow you to collect the 4-star weapon Cinnabar spindle. You can then place a snowman in your Serenithéière.

Speed ​​training

This challenge will consist of completing courses following the directions. Blessings will appear on the field to help you finish faster. The goal here is to finish as quickly as possible while collecting as much as possible. adventure badges, to have a high score;

Be careful, sometimes conquest badges will appear temporarily. Collect them to maximize your score.

Tracking training

In this challenge, you will have to melt heaps of ice in the area to complete the test. You will find there in particular pieces of snowman, which you will use for the game. Born in the snow.

Ideally, use Amber for “snip ‘the piles of ice and thus go fast.

Combat training

This challenge will require you to find and bring blood crystals to the training area to activate 3 mechanics, and thus bring a decoy into a hot spring state.

You will have, after activating the hot spring, a fight against ten enemies. Kill them to complete the challenge

Mysterious challenge

This challenge will require you to kill a mysterious enemy. You will be able to defeat it more easily if you manage to remove the mysterious substance on him.

The shop

There are 2 stores for the event. These will allow you to buy something to improve the Cinnabar spindle but also something to improve your characters.

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