Genshin Impact: Game settings are changed making fishing easier

Fishing in Genshin Impact can be an irritating experience due to Paimon’s lines. Fortunately, HoYoverse has now implemented a change to the settings to prevent this while looking for rare fish. In addition, in Genshin Impact update 3.0, several fishing spots were added in the new region of Sumeru, catching the attention of many players who had never fished in the game.

On Reddit, user “Massivecliff” recommends players mute the dialogue volume in the Genshin Impact audio settings while fishing. The reason for this is Paimon’s dialogue while the player is fishing, as over time, the lines become redundant. Example: Out of nowhere Paimon appears saying he’s hungry while you’re in the middle of fishing for a prize fish.

Genshin Impact: Game settings are changed making fishing easier

New settings in Genshin Impact make fishing more relaxed. Source: HoYoverse

With the new options in Genshin’s audio settings, the fishing experience has become smoother. Now players don’t have to listen to Paimon speak in their ear all the time while fishing. Genshin Impact’s pet has 17 exclusive audios for the moment when the player is fishing, where activations happen at certain times, such as when you catch a fish or when it escapes.

There are times when Paimon makes mention of the first encounter in Mondstadt, where the traveler caught Paimon thinking she was some kind of fish. There are several comments cited in Massivecliff’s Reddit post that you can check out.

About the fishing system at Genshin Impact

The fishing system in Genshin Impact was originally released in Update 2.1, which debuted in September 2021. Check out our guide on how to get your first rod, what the best fishing spots are, and more!

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