Genshin Impact: Hu Tao in a crimson cosplay with spooky Minmmu plants

Autumn all over the world is a time when, having abandoned the summer, we move towards darker moments. In Japan – but also in East Asia in general – it is also the period of tribute to the dead, which is often carried out by donating red spider lilies, a symbol of death. Therefore suitable for a cosplay di Hu Tao da Genshin Impact.

The cosplayer Minmmu, which we have already brought you to our pages with the cosplay di Kanao Tsuyuri da Demon Slayer, he has decided to enter the world of Genshin Impact. The MiHoYo universe is always in constant evolution, adding new events, weapons and above all new characters, but the many of the oldest always remain steadfast in their positions of appreciation by the fandom.

I cosplay on Hu Tao they have multiplied recently, particularly with Halloween, as she is a very spooky character. For this reason, the choice of combining Hu Tao with red spider flowers, unique in the East, gives the cosplayer in this photo below a cute, albeit spooky and disturbing aspect, in her own way. Leaving aside the scenographic choice, the dress of the character of Genshin Impact looks really spot on, faithfully reproducing the director of Wangsheng’s funeral parlor.

With future game patches, we will see Shenhe and Yun Jin in action in Genshin Impact.

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