Genshin Impact: The hot action spice from the west is here

The event Spice from the West has started and is supposed to bridge the update break to 2.7 in Genshin Impact. With this you can earn ascension material and veterans, as well as friendship XP in the pot of transience – the maintenance mode is still not over, as hoped.

Which west is meant in the spicy event? Clearly: Apparently it’s about the mysterious Sumeru area, which is supposed to come into play in summer (or maybe in autumn after the postponements) and will probably represent a kind of hot, imaginative 1001 night world. So it’s no wonder that intensive herbs and hot spices also play a role there.

You get the task of mixing spices in the Liuye Harp from NPC Nazafarin from Sumeru. In the mini-game, speed and reaction are the most important things: A pointer moves from left to right and you have to click when it is on the right ingredient – also in the correct order of the recipe.

So far, however, there is only one spice recipe “Clash of Water and Earth”, but a new one will be added every day until you have 7.

The Pot of Decay can be used to surprise characters with special dishes during the Seasoning from the West action in Genshin Impact.

You can then season finished delicious dishes with it and offer it to the characters in the jug by speaking to them and selecting “Please try this” – this gives extra Friendship XP and a corresponding comment from the character.

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It might have been nicer if our pot buddies went into more detail about the food in the conversation or if the taste of the individual spices were discussed – then the immersion would be a little better, but hey: At least there are nice goodies to bridge the gap, so what the heck .

In addition to waiting for update 2.7, you also need patience when it comes to the design function of the jug. There was hope that this would go back into operation right at the start of the new campaign, but it is currently still under maintenance, which means that you can currently only feed characters with spices that have been in the pot for a week anyway stand around

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