Georgina Barbarossa told the truth about her relationship with Santiago del Moro

Georgina Barbarossa told the truth about her relationship with Santiago del Moro

If there is a television program that attracts all eyes, it is, without a doubt, “Big Brother”. Since it debuted on the air on Telefe, it has not stopped giving joy to the channel due to the very high rating metrics and this left several cycles of the competition in check. However, days before the grand finale of the program, a supposed “discomfort” arose between Georgina Barbarossa and Santiago del Moro, driver of GH.

The famous Georgina Barbarossa He wanted to tell what really happened between them and made it clear that with Del Moro “there is no problem.” The truth is that it all started when the host of “Big Brother” said on the air that he wanted to host his radio cycle “El Club del Moro” on 100 FM from the same house as the reality show, but apparently, two months ago, Barbarossa He had won that place with his program “A la Barbarossa”, both from Telefe.

The eliminated ‘little brothers’ awaiting the grand finale on Monday, March 27.

Deciding which program you conduct Georgina Barbarossa Go live from GH’s house was from the same Telefe production, it was learned. The journalist Ángel de Brito was the one who launched this crisis rumor through a tweet that said: “Interns at Telefe. Del Moro wanted to host her radio program from home, but the channel decided that Georgina would do her program from home the next next week”, and this unleashed the controversy. the famous driver He spoke with Primicias Ya and clarified the situation.

De Brito’s tweet.

“I cannot anticipate anything because it is a surprise,” said Barbarossa, referring to his entry into the most famous house in the country and about Santiago del Moro he said: “There was no problem, the truth is that he knew it. We already had it planned for 2 months. With Santiago there is no problem at all”he clarified.

When and how will the final of “Big Brother” be?

This Sunday, March 19, one of the 4 remaining participants in the house will be eliminated by public vote. Julieta Poggio, Romina Uhrig and Nacho Castañares will face each other in the last nominees plate and it will be known who are the ones who go to the grand final, in addition to Marcos Ginocchio who has already managed to pass.

Julieta, Romina, Marcos and Nacho, the 4 finalists.

The grand final will be on Monday, March 27 and it was learned that the channel will make a great display, enlarge the stands and there will be people in the streets during the finalists’ tour. Without a doubt, it will be a great night.

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