Georgina Rodriguez on vacation: she throws herself into the water to swim with the children!

Cristiano Ronaldo and his whole family have gone to the Spanish Balearic Islands for a few weeks of vacation. A well-deserved break for the footballer who takes advantage of his family.

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Well deserved vacation. For his return to Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo did not rest and participated in 38 games and offered 24 goals to his team in one season. But the future of Portuguese footballer is far from being traced and Bayern Munich would like to recover the fivefold Golden Ball if he decided to leave his club. For the time being, nothing is certain and Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying a few weeks of vacation before starting a new season and facing the couple of the world in Qatar with the Portugal team. And CR7 really needs a rest, because the last few weeks have been difficult. Last April, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez announced the loss of one of their twins. A mourning that they preferred to face as a family.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo (finally) reunited

Despite this terrible loss, the couple of stars have been forced to move forward for their children, but also for the youngest Bella Esmeralda, who was born in good health. The newborn quickly found his place in the Ronaldo family and the former luxury clothing saleswoman continues to reveal family photos on Instagram. This time, the whole tribe flew to Mallorca to enjoy the beach and their friends. A good time for the whole family to get together with Cristiano Ronaldowho can take a break from his workouts.

An intriguing couple

In the documentary Me, Georgina, the football star explained that he was very close to his family and wanted to “make up for lost time” by spending as much time as possible with his partner and his children during his vacation. A series in several episodes which allowed fans to discover the journey of Georgina Rodriguez and her meeting with CR7. The couple took a long time to formalize their relationship to the whole world. A few months after this announcement, the young woman announced that she was pregnant with the footballer for the first time. Their daughter Alana was born just a few months after the birth of Eva and Mateo, children of the footballer born to a surrogate mother.

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