Gequity stocks could be close to the bullish turn

The last year has been particularly difficult for this stock which has lost about 70%, making it the worst in its sector of reference. For the record, however, it must be said that all stocks in this sector have closed the last year of downward trading. The best, that is, the one who lost the least, was Copernicus.

Despite this background, Gequity shares could be close to the bullish turn. In fact, they are approaching the very important support constituted by the most probable target of the current decline, area 0.014 euro (I price target). At this level, an upward restart could be realized. However, the scenario that the support may fail must also be considered. In this case, the Gequity stock could head towards the next most probable target in the 0.0042 euro area.

The resistance of the support, on the other hand, could also push the prices higher. A confirmation in this sense would occur with a weekly close of more than 0.0186 euro with a more probable target in the 0.0238 euro area.

Warnings on the Gequity stock

The capitalization of the stock is just over 8 million euros and the daily trading is very low. This is why there is a risk of high volatility with a consequent increase in the probability of getting stuck in losing positions.

The value traded weekly is around € 50,000, which means less than € 10,000 per day. It is therefore understandable that large price hikes can be determined with small amounts. This criticality is evident if we consider the volatility of the stock. Gequity, in fact, is more volatile than 90% of Italian stocks in the last 3 months, typically moving +/- 13% per week.

A statistical note: the probability that a stock market session on the Gequity share will not see trades is just under 3%. On the other hand, the probability that exchanges on the stock will be concentrated only in the phase of the opening or closing auction rises to 8.5%.

Finally, we remind you that Gequity is included in the Consob black list. With reference to the latest update, published in June 2022, we note how the net financial position of the group has remained constant over the last few months with very small downward variations.

Gequity shares could be close to the bullish turn: the indications of the graphical analysis

The title Gequity (MIL: GEQ) closed the session on June 17 down by 2.43% compared to the previous session at € 0.0162.

Weekly time frame

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