Geralt and Ciri’s first adventures in Gwent are making a permanent return in patch 10.5.

Gwent, like many games of its kind, is an ongoing event and things tend to fall behind. Like the first two seasons. The first season “Geralt” and the second “Ciri” were only available for three months each. Bad luck for those who weren’t there. Of course, this also applies to all the cards and items that these stories brought with them, so new players will be happy to know that stories 1 and 2 are now permanently unlocked in Gwent.

Old hands who have played the seasons before don’t have to fret, because there will be a whole bunch of new items of all kinds that you can now unlock in the return of the stories about Gerald, Dandelion, Siri and Vesemir. New players unlock all old and new items with the orders in the stories, so that in the end everyone is on the same level.

Journeys 1 and 2 come with Gwent patch 10.5, which of course brings a few other changes as well. Most important: A new keyword called “Timer” for the cards, which is described as: “Timer is a new keyword for cards that count down each turn (Ciri: Dash, Megascope, Saskia: Commander, etc.). Timer abilities trigger before effects that trigger at end of turn happen, so if Portal or Megascope Summons a card that has such an effect, it will still trigger at end of turn!”

Cards, free-to-play and still good: Gwent.

There are new rewards, quests and new types of treasure, new weekly quests and much more, along with some bug fixes and adjustments. What do you expect from a patch? If you want to know everything exactly, you can find it in the Gwent 10.5 patch list.

Gwent by CD Project RED is a card game set in The Witcher universe in which you experience stories from this world, collect new cards and use them in battles. Gwent is available as a free-to-play game for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android.

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