Gérard Lanvin once again criticizes Emmanuel Macron and makes his son Manu laugh (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, May 11 at the microphone of Sud Radio, Gérard Lanvin once again attacked Emmanuel Macron and his presidency, provoking the laughter of his son, Manu, present in the studio.

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The outspoken, it knows! For several years, Gerard Lanvin makes its frankness an indispensable weapon to seduce the crowds. When he released his album, titled Down here, last May, the 71-year-old actor scratched a few important political figures. First of all, Nicolas Sarkozy was treated to a few murderous phrases while François Hollande was compared to ‘Flanby’. But it’s mostly Emmanuel Macron who was the most attacked personality in his covers album. Gérard Lanvin thus nicknamed him “the king of the teleprompter with a smoker’s smile”. To promote his musical project, the singer spread in the media to discuss his songs but also to give his opinion on today’s society. And the least we can say is that he fired all his arrows against the President of the Republic. “When you want a position of this kind, you must already have the possibility of speaking to the people. What he can’t do. He was quite contemptuous of the people,” he said.

Gérard Lanvin violently tackles Emmanuel Macron

This Wednesday, May 11, Gerard Lanvin was a guest on Sud Radio with his son Manu Lanvin, who helped him compose the songs for his album. In shape, the one who played the role of André Morales in grandpa sitter again strongly criticized Emmanuel Macron and his presidency. Indeed, he does not appreciate that the Head of State keeps the name of his Prime Minister secret, for the moment. “There is a Manu who seems to me still very capable of telling us the story: ‘I won’t tell you that’. We don’t have the right to know who will be Prime Minister.he began provoking the laughter of his son.

“We don’t have the right to open our mouths”

Then, Gerard Lanvin added : “We don’t have the right to open our mouths, we have to wait. It is the little prince who sat down on the highest step of the podium. We will wait, disappointed yes but we were above all surprised by the attitude. He will surely correct history. He had a lot of issues to deal with and it wasn’t all up to him. France is doing badly and we hope it will be happier one day.

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