Gerardo Romano was accused by Paula Di Chello of sexual abuse and gave his version of the events

Paula di Chello accused Gerardo Romano of gender violence and harassment (Video: Intruders)

Days ago, the actress Paula di Chello reported a situation sexual abuse and gender violence would have suffered from Gerard Romanwhen both shared a cast in the telenovela love is saidwhich was issued between 2005 and 2006.

Now, he returned to the load on a mobile with intruders (America) in which he gave more details about it. “That happened a long time ago. It is something that he already had archived, saved. I couldn’t talk much about it for many years. She spoke it privately. It was a time when you couldn’t talk about it. You were advised that you had to adapt to what was there, that the world was chauvinist, and more so the environment. I was ashamed, I felt very humiliated,” said the actress.

Later, Di Chello remembered what that episode was like. “We had a scene in a soap opera where he pushed me against a wall and bit my mouth. It bleeded. He didn’t warn me. And that was not in the scene. There was no kissing scene, he invented the kiss and also the bite“, graphic.

At that time, the actress’s reaction was to speak with her representative and withdraw from the soap opera, as she explained. And she added that this episode took her away from the profession. “left me hurt“, said. As for Romano, he pointed out that he considers him “a violent person” and “an abuser.” “I feel that what happened was an abuse of power. He moved to a place… I don’t know where he wanted to go,” he noted.

Gerardo Romano’s response to the complaint of harassment by Paula di Chello (Video: Intruders)

In the program that leads Florence of the V They were also due to the word of the actor, who gave his version of the events. “I found out what he said. The things you say seem inaccurate to me.. I don’t know the girl, or I don’t remember her… which is the same thing. She says two things: that there was a kind of bullying or harassment, that he ran her through the corridors. I became an actor because I’m shy, I’m withdrawn. Also, I am sorry to say it, I was a very seductive guy, with a lot of press, they said I was a sex symbols, things like that. I never chased anyone down any hallway, because of personality and how I was doing. They have persecuted me, yes ”, began to respond who today stars in the one-man An ordinary Jew.

As for the scene in question, he stated that it was part of the soap opera. “There is nothing illegal about that scene. I played a son of a bitch, a violent stalker, a rapist. And she had to do that. There is one who is good, one who is bad. I was bad. Do not make interpretations, “said Romano to give context.

The scene in which Gerardo Romano kissed and bit Paula di Chello on the mouth. It was in the telenovela Se dice amor, broadcast in 2005

“I am not a violin, I am not a rapist, I am not a stalker. I am 76 years old, I have nothing in the record, anywhere, I have not had a complaint of anything throughout 50 years of career. I don’t know who this girl is, that she is looking for fame and that she hasn’t done very well, because I haven’t seen her work anywhere. Also, I like women I like. In general, they coincide with a canon of beauty that she does not possess. And also, because I have ethics. It would not violate ethics, because it would be to overwhelm the rights of another person, “defended the actor of The fringe.

“Did you analyze a judicial complaint?” The chronicler asked him. “No, because it shouldn’t have a handle. And I’m not going to waste time, with my age and what I have left on the reel. I don’t want it to happen to me like Lito Cruznor like Federico Lupi. I want my children to have the image they have of me,” answered Romano. And he closed with a controversial message for di Chello: “If you get a job with this, you are welcome. Give him a hand. I never had to slander anyone gratuitously. Also, 15 years later? What syndrome is that?”.

If you suffer gender-based violence or know a victim, call 144: it’s free and it’s open 24 hours a day.


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