German companies set their eyes on Yucatan

As a result of the promotion that Yucatecan authorities carry out before the german private initiativecompanies from this European country have set their sights on the territory, to bring bring new investmentsincrease those already made and with it, increase job openings for the benefit of local people.

Proof of this was that last Friday the installation of the first Engineering Development Center of the Southeast of Mexico, of the preh companywhich will be located in Yucatan, after the signing of the letter of intent between the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the president of this company, Nick Lontscharitsch.

This project, which will trigger the economic and technological development of the entity, began negotiations since October 2021, when the competitive advantages that it has were presented Yucatan to German businessmen.

What does Preh do?

German companies set their eyes on Yucatan

Manufacture of the German company Preh

Preh is a German company with Chinese capital with more than 30 years in the Automotive industry and more than one hundred years of existence, with presence in more than 100 locations in 30 countrieshas a template more than 50 thousand employees worldwide and is one of the 30 largest companies worldwide in the automotive supply chain with sales greater than nine billion dollars.

Highlights of this project that focuses on artificial intelligence and electronics designers to apply in the advanced new generation vehicles, with which a very important step is taken to generate high-level jobs for professionals in the cyber and electronic engineeringpositioning to Yucatan as a technological development pole Worldwide.

This company has four divisions: Preh-Joyson, Navigation Systems, Air Conditioning Controls Equipment and Board controller systems.

Preh was founded in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, region of bavaria in 1919, however, it was not until 1988 that he entered the field of automotive electronics offering products such as air conditioning and heating systems mechanical and electroniccontrols for early on-board computers and sensors potentiometric to control the position of the throttle valve.

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Vila Dosal and Lontscharitsch signed this document to undertake the project that will bring development to the entity, with the generation of 300 jobs in the medium termin the area of ​​high-tech engineering and software and hardware design.

With this achievement, the new generations of Yucatecan engineers will be able to access better paid jobs, working at the Vanguard of this sector, which is one of the fastest growing worldwide.

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