German independent electric car manufacturer Next.e.GO brings e.wave X new car

German independent electric vehicle manufacturer Next.e.GO Mobile SE, together with its brand ambassador, Brazilian football superstar Neymar, hosted an exclusive event to unveil its new generation of its product range, starting with the e.wave X. This exclusive launch showcases one of the most innovative and sustainable urban electric vehicles in the world today. About 150 guests and press representatives attended the event. Livestreamed and supported by IFA, the world’s foremost consumer electronics and innovation market, the event marks the next chapter in e.GO Mobile’s growth journey.

During the event, Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, said: “Accelerating sustainable mobility is a top priority, not only for the future of our planet, but also in response to the tectonic shifts we are experiencing globally.”

e.wave X is full of innovation and sustainability, it is not just a means of transportation, it also offers a real way of life. This is key for brand ambassador Neymar to further develop sustainable mobility. He explained: “Watching how this special electric car was built is like watching 3D art done in minutes. It’s not just a car, it’s a statement of innovation and sustainability goals into lifestyle choices. “

e.GO Mobile is building electric vehicles in an industry unique way, utilizing advanced robotics, technology-first production internet IT architecture and innovative exterior concepts that are not only more resistant to dents and scratches, but also easier to maintain and repair, and It also unlocks the possibility to change the appearance (skin) to provide various color options for the same vehicle throughout its life cycle.

Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin, said: “IFA NEXT is the innovation hub of IFA Berlin, which really brings the industry and the public to the forefront of innovation. It is here that You will find the smartest technology and of course sustainability must be at its core. Here you will see the biggest crowd and will make the biggest buzz. So IFA NEXT is e.GO Mobile releasing its e.wave The perfect platform for X, and we look forward to hosting a public launch for it.”

e.wave X is specifically designed for practical use. The dimensions of the four-seater car have been optimized to meet the needs of modern cities, allowing it to drive into almost any parking space; stunning driving dynamics for driving pleasure; smart and optimally designed battery solutions for driving convenience; The ultra-wide screen and many smart and networking features provide a unique user experience.

Pre-orders are available from today, customers have the opportunity to do so on the e.GO website or through e.GO Connect™Mobile app to book a car. Thanks to our ‘Green On and Off the Field’ campaign, any bookings made for the first 10 days are zero cost.

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