Get a job as fast as possible with these guidelines

One of the great challenges at the end of university is facing the labor market and achieving results. However, many of us struggle to find work because we don’t know how to do it.

The best way to avoid wasting time when finding a job quickly is to identify your goals, says Giuliana Ortega, Employability Manager at the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN). “It is necessary to focus as much as possible and avoid distractions to obtain the desired results in the job search,” adds the official, who shares four successful ways to get a job faster:

Getting a job is also a job:

Job search can be considered as a job. You must prepare a CV, investigate opportunities, register on job pages, try interviews, among other actions. It is necessary to take it seriously and spend several hours a day until you achieve your goal.

  • Identify your goals as a professional, what you are looking for and what you need.
  • Update your CV constantly and adapt it to the company where you want to work.
  • Research and know everything about the company you are applying to before being interviewed.

Build a network of contacts:

Currently, the most effective way to find employment is Networking or network of contacts. They serve as personal references to employers. Leaving this element to chance is one of the most common mistakes when looking for a job.

According to the consultant Lee Hecht Harrison, 3 out of 4 vacancies are not published on internet pages or in any media. Maintain a good relationship with former classmates, recruiters, professionals in your field, in order to create your network of contacts in order to find out about job offers and apply before anyone else.

Create your personal brand:

Creating a personal blog or professional portfolio will make it much easier for you to get a job. In this way, recruiters will be able to check your performance and commitment through these platforms. Start developing a solid image, showing what you know how to do, using means that are easily accessible to everyone.

Take a self-assessment:

During the job search process, self-assessment is necessary, especially if a long time passes without obtaining results. Evaluate if you go to interviews with the right attitude, if your aspirations are in line with the job market or if they are too demanding.

Study your strengths and weaknesses, and also the learning acquired after dozens of failed interviews. Analyze each lesson to perform better the next time you apply for a job opportunity.


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