Ghost Recon Frontline Beta postponed after devastating reactions

Actually, a first closed test for Ghost Recon Frontline was announced for tomorrow, October 14th. This will no longer take place. The company also did not want to name a new start for the beta of the free-to-play battle royale.

In fact, it seems as if Ubisoft is going deep into itself after the restrained to devastating reactions to the presentation of the team-based tactical shooter with 102 players.

Ubisoft had announced the game – and the now canceled beta – just last week. The game idea of ​​the new Clancy title didn’t sound bad, even if the game was a bit boring. But the echo on social media already showed that the community hadn’t expected this – and it wasn’t a case of “you didn’t know you wanted it” either.

The Ghosts’ preliminary retreat

In any case, the tweet does not read as if only a short-term technical problem was preventing Ubisoft from holding this test:

“We decided it was best to postpone the closed test for Ghost Recon Frontline. The development team is determined to create the best possible experience.”

Details on a new date for the closed test will be communicated as soon as possible.

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In Frontline’s most important game mode, the Expedition, 102 players in teams of three search for data stored in drones, which then have to be extracted. On the 16 square kilometer map, there should only be two extractions during the match, so only two of the 34 teams can win. To ensure that, one should also influence the battlefield in his favor, for example by dropping a sniper tower, which the faction for Military Authenticity ™ must have liked a lot.

The principle of the game was fundamentally interesting in that it wasn’t primarily about kills, but about securing certain objects and thinking about when a good time is to make the turn.

“The bend” was probably made by some fans first, at least those with thumbs curled up from top to bottom: The announcement video has more than 18,000 dislikes, with not quite 5,000 likes.

Looks bad.

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