Ghost Recon Frontline: the closed test postponed after the bad feedback from the announcement

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ghost Recon franchise, Ubisoft had prepared a little surprise for us at the beginning of October with the announcement of a new game: Ghost Recon Frontline. But while a closed test was due to take place this week, it is postponed to a later date.

Will Ghost Recon Frontline review its copy?

When the game was announced, players were able to discover a multiplayer game-service that brings together 100 players on a map with different objectives to complete. The name Battle Royale was not mentioned, but we could easily imagine similarities with the genre.

On social networks, we can not really say that this announcement had the effect expected by Ubisoft since many are those who did not really appreciate the turn of this new opus. On Youtube, there are now 4,400 positive reactions to the trailer against 17,000 negative reactions, a ratio that says a lot about what fans of the genre expected. One of the most popular comments is “Imagine being so disconnected from your audience”.

While the first tests were to take place this week, the developers of Ghost Recon Frontline announce its postponement outright, without specifying a new date.

We have made the decision to postpone the closed test of Ghost Recon Frontline. The development team strives to create the best possible experience. We will give you more details on the new closed test date as soon as we can.

The reason for the last minute postponement is therefore not mentioned here, but we imagine that the first reactions must have something to do with it. The release date of Ghost Recon: Frontline is not yet known and even if we imagine that the recipe initially imagined cannot be changed, it is not impossible that some adjustments will be made by then.

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