Gi Campomar falls in love with his own version of Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

kakegurui is one of the series anime Y sleeve most popular that are available on the Streaming platform of Netflix and it is that, it presents us with amazing characters that earned the appreciation of the fans and the cosplayer communityso we can see a wide variety of tributes focused on this theme.

This time we will focus on a characterization that will surely excite all fans of Netflix’s beloved Kakegurui anime, by bringing one of its most important characters to life in an amazing cosplay, with this we give you an idea of ​​what it is like that Yumeko Jabami would wear in the flesh, excluding the live-action version that was presented to us in 2019.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this cosplay has nothing to envy to the official live-action version of Kakegurui. Also, this is one of the animes that has been very successful considering that it has reached many countries thanks to the streaming service, so Kakegurui has many characters worthy of being taken by cosplayers.

One of the points of success of this anime is the fact that the main characters are women, firm and dark, but full of sensuality. Thousands of chaos in Hyakkao’s private school were caused by Yumeko Jabami’s ingenuity and madness.

Yumeko Jabami is a freshman at this exclusive school, where the students have raised their stakes to the limit. She appears to be an innocent and kind girl who is willing to make friends at school, but when she began to be exposed to problem gambling, she began to lose her temper. Yameko Jabami is the protagonist of Kakegurui; she transferred to H Valley Private University and became a classmate of Ryota Suzuda and Mary Saotome, this is the first character in the entire series to challenge Yumeko and lose to her.

This girl has inspired hundreds of cosplayer models around the world, remodeling her and giving life to this high roller with a twisted personality, as is the case with Gi campomar. The cosplayer shared these amazing photos on her instagrambringing Yumeko Jabami to life in an extraordinary way.

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