Gigi and ‘Peluchín’ explode about the meeting between Dalia and John Kelvin: “Sad and very pathetic”

The images of Dalia Durán and John Kelvin at a meeting in a restaurant have caused disappointment and even outrage in a sector of public opinion, including the hosts of Amor y Fuego, Gigi Miter and Rodrigo González, ‘Peluchín’.

love and fire released a video of the meeting John Kelvin, Dalia Duran and other people. In them the cumbiambero is seen singing a song and how Durán takes him by the hand.

“It’s sad. I put myself in the shoes of women who have been in a similar situation. “So much help that he gave it to ‘this one’ on TV. Very sad, very pathetic.” Miter stated.

TROME |John Kelvin sang and Dalia Durán took his hand (Willax)
TROME |John Kelvin sang and Dalia Durán took his hand (Willax)

But that was not all, the driver considered that Dahlia Duran seemed fascinated by the song john kelvin and even compared her to a young woman on her first Tinder date.


Rodrigo González also had harsh comments about the meeting between Dalia Durán and John Kelvin. “That is going to end badly, it is going to end very seriously. Now we see it as ‘what a drag’; and those responsible are the people who are in charge of seeing the psychological and emotional progress of these accused people ”he stated.

‘Peluchín’ also considered that Dahlia is a very sick person who is next to someone who may end up killing her. “I do not believe in that repentance of john kelvinhe added.

Finally, ‘Pelcuchín’ considered that Dalia Durán is a person who cannot be charged. “She likes that life and she doesn’t care if even her own life is in danger by accepting it from her executioner,” he said.


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