Gigi casts John Kelvin LIVE: “One of your conquests from your prison time told me that you had not changed”

john kelvin decided to break his silence publicly through love and fireafter having regained his freedom after spending more than a year in prison due to a strong complaint from his still wife Dahlia Duranwho accused him of having physically and sexually violated her.

During the conversation, Gigi Miter He revealed that recently a woman, who claimed to be one of his conquests, approached him in a doctor’s office and spoke to him about the singer’s behavior in jail, assuring that he had not changed.

“To your bad luck, recently, I’m not going to say her name, but she told me that she always went to visit you, I don’t know her, I don’t even remember her name, but she told me a little bit, ”, said the Willax space host.

In this sense, he reminded him that at the beginning of the interview he asked him several times if he drank in prison and if he had really changed. Gigi said.

john kelvin confessed with Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter this Thursday in love and firein his first television interview after leaving the Lurigancho prison due to a complaint from his still wife Dahlia Duranwho accused him of having brutally beaten her and even sexually assaulted her.

The cumbiambero assured that when he was unfaithful to the Cuban, he always confessed it to her, and it was she who made the decision to forgive him. “She wanted it that way, I accepted it and began to try to be a better man… but there was a lack of respect on both sides, but I will not go into details,” he said in conversation with the Willax drivers.

At that moment, Rodrigo González reminded him that he did not include Dahlia Duran in his latest song, I ask for forgiveness, the same one he launched from jail. “You look like a politician in the campaign, I don’t believe you,” said Rodrigo González.

john kelvin He defended himself and assured that when he created the song, the blonde was included. “She said, ‘I apologize to my wife, my mother and my children’, but when I see that she goes on and on talking because she went on and on in the media, I said, I’m going to remove her and I took her out of the song” , narrowed.

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