Gil Cerezo debuts as a film actor alongside Aislinn Derbez

CDMX.- He is a singer, composer and DJ, who years ago designed the stage for the Bronco group, prepares a documentary and even does interviews. And even so, Gil Cerezo is not satisfied, that’s why he now ventures as an actor.

For his film debut, the Kinky vocalist was supported by Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni, with whom he shares starring roles in the film What’s the fault of Karma?, by director Elisa Miller, which premieres this Wednesday on Netflix.

“It was a new experiment in my career. An experience of expansion, of finding myself with other worlds that rewind around music, which opens these bridges to other disciplines, such as cinema”, commented Gil Cerezo.

Sara (Aislinn Derbez) is a fashion designer who must decide if her bad luck is the cause of her failures, when Aarón (Gil Cerezo), the love of her childhood, who is engaged to her sister Lucy (Renata) reappears in her life. Notni).

For Renata Notni, the romantic comedy raises the bonds between the sisters and makes her long to have had one in her life.

“I like the tribute we pay to the relationship of sisters. It is something very beautiful and we have rarely seen it in other comedies. I would have loved to have a sister, I have a brother and they are completely different relationships”, expressed the actress.

In addition, he highlighted the seal of Mexico in the film, as it was filmed in the country and with a national cast.

Cil Cerezo: a natural talent on sets

Although weeks prior to filming he relied on a coach who polished him as an actor, Gil Cerezo, lead singer of the group Kinky, used his natural talent and captured it in his character Aarón Star, who, like him, is also a musician.

That naturalness to which Gil refers, was also noticed by Aislinn Derbez.

“What I liked most about Gil was that he had the great ability, which is not easy, to be himself and to be natural, to be very him. I think it is one of the most difficult things that can be done in front of the camera. That made him a great actor, because he did it very naturally, it didn’t feel like he was acting,” the actress said.

Both the director and Aislinn herself, added Gil Cerezo, were convinced that he was the right one for the film, which gave him confidence to expand on the film set.

In addition to acting, he also made music for the film

And where Gil Cerezo was also able to enjoy himself was in the making of the score for What is Karma’s fault? The music that he created especially for the story has nothing to do with Kinky’s electronic sound. Here permission was given for urban sonar.

Singing in the film was extremely easy for him, but not giving his first fictional kiss with the character of Aislinn Derbez.

“It was weird, huh. I had never been in a situation like this, not even in Kinky’s videos, where they had always just been ‘itchy’, but already tongue kissing and everything… Aislin told me: ‘Name, don’t worry , nothing happens, you come, “said Gil, smiling.

So happy was he with his film debut, the musician said that if he is invited to act again, he will accept without thinking.

“If there is another project or El Karma 2, we throw it away,” he said.

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