Gil is chocho with the irruption of Vicente Pizarro in the Cacique

The contribution of the lower divisions of Colo Colo in 2021 has been remarkable. From the hand of Gustavo Quinteros are several young players who have had the opportunity to shine with their own light in the Cacique’s first team.

One of those who has stood out the most in this group is Vicente Pizarro, who won a starting jersey from the first moment he entered the white midfield, putting together a good triangle with Leonardo Gil and César Fuentes in the middle of the field.

It was precisely the Colo who praised the work done by the Kaiser’s son, stating in conversation with the DirecTV program Más Que Fútbol that “I am happy to be in this process with the youngest, I think that Pizarro is in a barbarous moment. He is 18 years old and it seems that he had 30 and more than 400 games ”.

“Today I was talking to him and telling him that he has to stay the same, he has to keep improving. He is a boy who listens a lot, who wants to learn. Then everything becomes easier, I said to him ‘as long as you continue to understand that quickly the easier game is going to be made for you, you are going to go to play in Europe surely, you are going to be in the national team and you are going to play World Cups ”, added the flyer.

Regarding what the youngest have added to the first team in 2021, Gil said that “I am very happy to accompany you in this process. Colo Colo has some 18 to 21 year old boys who are very good, play well and are very mature. Accompany them in this process so that they add games, that they add experience, minutes and that the responsibility lies with us, the greatest people and they play calmly, liberated ”.

Vicente Pizarro has been able to win a space in the Cacique’s first team. | Photo: Colo Colo.

“At that age you went through that and you know that pressure is difficult. A big club when it is fighting the tournament is not for everyone. We have great people with experience who can take on that responsibility and we have young guys who can perform on the field. You have to trust them a lot, give them confidence, because I think we have several guys who can be the future of the national team with this great replacement that is going to be due to the age issue and all that. “, concluded the Colo.

Vicente Pizarro has already played 14 games in this 2021 season With the alba shirt, being 10 for the National Championship and four for the Chile Cup, a tournament where Cacique will face the return of the semifinals this Wednesday and possibly the final on Saturday in Talca.

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