Gino Arévalo responds to Giuliana Rengifo after accusing him of “sowing” ampay in his premises

Giuliana Rengifo was invited to the program ‘Amor y fuego’, after being the protagonist of an ampay together with the notary Paul Pineda. The cumbia singer took advantage of the interview to make it clear that Pineda is separated from his wife and she also took advantage of the moment to indicate that the ampay could be armed, thanks to the participation of Gino Arévalo.

Being accused without any evidence, the comic actor of the remembered program ‘Laughs of America’, called the television space to give his defenses and disassociate himself from the accusation.

expressed the comic actor.

After hearing Arévalo’s releases, the cumbia singer apologized and indicated that she believed her word: “I believe you Gino, I believe you (…) Well, Gino, all is well indeed. The word is misspelled, excuse me, but it’s over, it’s over…”the singer finished.

The singer believes that Gino was an accomplice of Magaly Medina.

Peluchín throws out Paul Pineda: “He went to my hotel in July with another girl who said she was his girlfriend”

Paul Pineda communicated with ‘Amor y fuego’ on Tuesday to defend himself and explain that he has been separated from his wife since May of this year, after the cameras of ‘Magaly Tv, la Firme’ supported him kissing the singer Giuliana Rengifo , whom he claims he met last July.

Rodrigo González confronted him and revealed that in July he visited his hotel ‘Puerto Palmeras’ in Tarapoto with another young woman, who claimed to be his partner. “You approached me and asked me for a photo, previously, this lady told me that she was your girlfriend and also asked me for a photo”, Willax’s driver said.

“Of course, when I separate I know this girl, we went out, we traveled, we had a trip planned when Giuliana was my friend”, the notary acknowledged. For its part, the popular teddy bear He reminded her that at that moment he assured her that she was his girlfriend. “He told me I have come here because my girlfriend is your admirer and she has asked me to come to take a picture with you”narrowed down


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