Giovanni Ciccia grateful for praise: “I am very flattered, ‘Diego Montalván’ is defeated”

Actor Giovanni Ciccia, who plays the chef ‘Diego Montalvan’ in the series ‘In the background there is room’, thanked the public for the high rating (24.3 points) that the episode of last Wednesday obtained where he starred in the commented scene where he violently rages against his son ‘Cristobal’played by actor Frank Pennanoby publicly disappointing him and discovering that he deceived him by telling him that he had studied cooking in Barcelona.

”It makes me happy and it made me very happy to read so many nice comments from the public about my work, but it is important to highlight that the script has a great part of merit, because without a good story, without good scriptwriters, a great job cannot be done. The history of the Montalván family is being written from scratch this season and it has reached a climax that has pleased the public a lot and I feel proud”, he commented. Giovanni Cicia.

I also liked those comments, that flatters me a lot, I feel that my work is being done well, of playing a human being well and not just someone detestable, but a complete person who could be funny, hated and loved at some point.

The slap was not in the script, it was something that the actors proposed and Franco Pennano said ‘yes, let’s do it’. He is an enthusiastic boy and willing to rehearse. We worked on the scenes before we got to the set and the director liked it. If you don’t rehearse and don’t prepare, your work will be lazy.

‘Diego Montalván’ is already defeated, he comes to this situation because he is defeated, he is a talented chef, he is not useless, but he sees himself in a moment of crisis at the beginning of the series that leads him to fall in love with this lady (Francesca Maldini) to get out of the bankruptcy in which it finds itself. Desperation leads him to this and he begins to weave this web of lies to regain his status, but despite the defeat he will continue with this whole show.

That’s right, yesterday the comedy premiered in all theaters, which tells the story of four desperate friends due to the economic situation they are going through and decide to rob a casino at a Halloween party, and for that, each one wears a mask of a former president From Peru; and by fate they end up kidnapping a congressman; and many funny situations will arise.

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