Girondins of Bordeaux: "Of course there is a risk of filing for bankruptcy"dreads Gérard Lopez, who needs "22 million euros"

The president and owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux spoke about the financial situation of his club on Tuesday.

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A week after the announcement of the demotion to National 1 (3rd division) of the Girondins de Bordeaux for lack of accounts in good standing, Gérard Lopez, the president of the club, returned to the economic situation of his team. In an interview given at RMC Sportthe Luxembourg businessman was more than concerned about the future of the Girondins: Of course there is a risk of filing for bankruptcy. We are not going to say that there is no risk, does he confirm. As long as there is no agreement [avec les créanciers du club]there is clearly this risk.

Bordeaux is in the grip of recurring financial difficulties and has not been able to reassure the DNCG, financial policeman of French football. “There are 22 million left to find“, confided Gerard Lopez. A sum which should be largely covered by the sales of players assures the leader.

I had promised to stay at the club even if we went to Ligue 2 and that’s what I’m doing. To put it vulgarly, I put my hand back in my pocket“, confided the Girondin president who should invest ten million euros of his own funds to cover part of his club’s deficit.

Asked about the possibility of seeing Bordeaux avoid demotion to the third division, he replied: “Are the Girondins de Bordeaux today in Ligue 2? In fact, the answer is no. Do the Girondins de Bordeaux believe in it? Clearly yes“. His club having challenged the decision, Gérard Lopez should again appear before the DNCG. Lhe appeal hearing is scheduled for the end of June or the beginning of July.

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