Gisela ‘blocks’ Ricardo Morán: “Don’t tell me that if I don’t see my mom, I won’t think about it”

HE GAVE HIS OPINION. Gisela Valcárcel used her Twitter account to respond to Ricardo Morán after she expressed her opinion about the concept of mother that her children will have. The producer said that ‘it’s an imposition’.

Ricardo Morán said that if he never tells his children about their mother, they will never ask about her. This answer was highly questioned in social networks.

“At this point I realize that it is a kind of imposition that we do to children. If no one ever tells them about a mother, they never ask about her.”Ricardo Moran said.

Ricardo Morán on the concept of ‘mom’ that his children have (Video: Twitter)

In this regard, Gisela Valcárcel indirectly sent a message in which she reflects on how important a mother is in people’s lives, according to her point of view.

“Having a mother is natural, we come for a mother, whether you know her or not, your heart will always seek your mother. It is not something that is TAUGHT… it is only something that is felt. Things can and should change, but DON’T TELL ME THAT IF I DON’T SEE MY MOM, I won’t think about it!” Gisela Valcárcel wrote.

Gisela responds to Ricardo Morán:
Gisela responds to Ricardo Morán: “Don’t tell me that if I don’t see my mom, I won’t think about it”

A few weeks ago, Ricardo Morán explained that he was still waiting for the judge’s response on his amparo action for the lawsuit against Reniec so that his children have Peruvian nationality, which corresponds to them by law.

“We have filed an amparo action in the Judiciary, which has already had a hearing, the lawsuit. We are waiting for the judge to issue a sentence, something he should have done several weeks ago, they are giving us a long time and we need an answer, we are behind it, ”he said.

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