Gisela Valcárcel and the message she dedicated to Tommy Portugal’s daughter: “You are a loved person”

Gisela Valcárcel addresses Mafer Portugal.| the great star

This last Saturday, September 17, Tommy Portugal was featured in ‘The Big Star’ as reinforcement of Nicholas Struss. After giving her performance, the TV host took a few minutes to ask her about her current partner, in addition to asking her about the baby she is expecting. She even, she was encouraged to go to Maffer Portugal.

The singer was happy to say that his partner is 6 months pregnant, a situation that surprised Gisela Valcarcelbecause the couple only has 7 months of relationship. Tommy Portugal He announced that another little woman will come into his life, so he plans to look for the little boy later.

When asked by Mafer Portugal, Tommy indicated that his relationship with his daughter was good until before he appeared on Magaly TV La Firme, a program that instead of uniting them, disunited them.

“We have had a beautiful relationship until a problem happened a short time ago, she was badly influenced by a television program that, well, instead of uniting, it disunites, but well, I am waiting for time to pass, for God to put everything in her place and I hope to speak with her in private and solve all that, “said the singer in ‘The Great Star’.

that’s where Gisela Valcarcel He decided to address the young woman. The driver pointed out that she understands the situation she faces Mafer Portugal, and wait for things to work out in private.

“I want to greet Mafer, that all children have the right to know and be able to recognize who our parents are. I am sure, Mafer, that you are a loved person, I am sure that at some point you and your father will be able to have an intimate encounter, as encounters should be, in which you speak, he speaks and you can continue on the path, “he said. in front of the singer, who just nodded.

Gisela Valcárcel dedicated a message to Mafer Portugal.
Gisela Valcárcel dedicated a message to Mafer Portugal.

As you remember, in the month of August, Portugal appeared on the show Magaly Medina to tell your story. Here the young woman confessed that she has never felt accepted by Tommy Portugal like daughter She even indicated that she always asked him to take her DNA test and to recognize her, but that never happened.

As a result of this interview, Tommy Portugal contacted the production to say that he had always expressed affection for the young woman. Also, in communication with Magaly Medinaagreed to take the DNA test, the results of which came out positive.

However, that did not stop there. Portugal again gave an interview to Magaly Medinawhere he told him that After appearing on her show, the production of ‘La Gran Estrella’ contacted her to be one of the contestants. However, the young woman did not accept.

Tommy Portugal’s daughter was at the casting for ‘La Gran Estrella’, but they did not accept it. It went unnoticed for the production, none of them had the sense of smell to see that there was news, but when she comes to talk about her musical career, about the distance that separates her from her father, their antennas wake up and now they want to take her away to make a whole show of her father’s reconciliation, “explained Magaly Medina, who did not hesitate to make fun of the blonde.

Mafer Portugal was invited to La Gran Estrella, despite not passing the casting. (Magaly TV: The Firm)


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