Gisela Valcárcel says goodbye to “La Gran Estrella” and thanks everyone who participated in the reality show

Gisela Valcarcel announced that this Saturday, September 24, the long-awaited finale of “La Gran Estrella” will take place. The popular “Señito” released the news through her official Instagram account, where she shared a heartfelt message about saying goodbye to reality.

“I want to thank every partner, actor, singer, dancer, music producer who joined this challenge and wanted to share his knowledge with young people who are very talented, but that they had never stood in front of so many cameras and began to experience what it means to BE AN ARTIST AND GET ON A STAGE”initially stated.

“I know that this plan was made by God, and that is why I am so happy and I can say that without Him I would not have dared to put new faces on the screen. Without you Lord, I would not have come this far, feeling that we did everything to make it happen!Thank you to each participant and of course to each of you! See you on Saturday at 9pm at THE FINAL of La Gran Estrella!”, finished.

His followers immediately left him messages of love and support in the post; However, There were also some who were encouraged to advise her on how to raise her rating. “Mrs. Gisela the format of Tineli in Argentina is breaking her “either “Gise invites Roberto Martínez and the rating goes titititi”they wrote to him.

It should be remembered that speculation began several weeks ago about the possible end of “The Great Star” since From its premiere, this new proposal did not convince the audience, which was evidenced by its low initial rating, and provoked a series of criticisms.

The program hit the screens of America Television last Saturday, August 6, as always under the direction of GV Producciones, owned by ‘Señito’, and Despite the expectation it generated, it failed to position itself in the public’s preferences.

The low rating figures that the space had been registering, caused that in the edition of September 3, after announcing radical changes in the show, a total of five contestants left the competition and despite the rumors, the program continued.

After eight weeks of competition, this Saturday, September 24, will be the final of “La Gran Estrella” and the participants who compete for first place are: Nicolas Strauss, Massiel Málaga, Julio César Norabuena, Yadira Sosa, Indira Orbegozo and Karla Zapata.

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