Giselo did not invite her companions from ‘America Hoy’ to her birthday: “They are pitucas”

The last weekend, Edson Davila celebrated his birthday with a themed partyThe Chavo of 8″, attended by various friends of the presenter and dancer; However, her companions from “America Hoy” were not invited.

In the recent edition of the morning program on America TV, Janet Barboza, Ethel Pozo and Brunella Horna complained to the popular “Giselo” for not inviting them to their birthday party, but Edson’s response surprised everyone.

How am I going to invite them? It was a costume party, you were going to look like Huacho’s ‘Chilindrina’. How is my boss going to my party? Our producer is more serious… If I consider them, but they are pitucas”Davila noted.

she added, trying to fake tears, but was exposed by her companions.

Edson Dávila celebrated his birthday with co-workers

Upon hearing Edson Dávila’s response, Brunella Horna took the floor and assured that she would not forgive ‘Giselo’ for not having invited her. In addition, she warned him that he was no longer invited to her marriage to Richard Acuña.

As is known, the party organized by Edson Dávila was attended by various characters from local entertainment such as Kate Candela, Evelyn Vela, Amy Gutiérrez, Jonathan Rojas and even Peter Fajardo, producer of “This is war”.

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