Giulia Foïs: “I had the ‘good’ rape, the one with the werewolf out of nowhere”

TéléObs.- The adaptation of your book was originally intended for the theatre…

Julia Fois. It is neither a movie nor a play. Rather a performance, a live show, which, thanks to the creativity of Emmanuel Noblet, the director, escapes any form of label. Inspired by “La Ronde”, Arthur Schnitzler’s play, he imagined a device that perfectly respects the double objective of my book: to circulate the word from one woman to another and draw their intimate stories towards the universal. . It is both an artistic object and a political manifesto.

Twenty-four actresses, more or less famous, take part in this project. Did they accept easily?

They all, and immediately, gave their agreement, with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to seize their notoriety to circulate this word. However, the budget was not crazy, the time of realization, rather short, and the subject, difficult. Two years passed between the launch of the project and the end of filming: some actresses had to give up the project for scheduling reasons, but others gave up along the way as the text touched them personally, in their privacy.

It must be repeated loud and clear: according to statistics, no professional environment is spared. At least one in ten women is or has been affected by sexual assault. So, out of twenty-four, I’ll let you do the count…

Emmanuel Noblet had the idea of ​​placing a car in the center

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