Giuliana and her response after being called “interested” by a notary’s wife: “It seems like a money issue”

FOLLOW THE NOVEL! Magaly Medina revealed conversations with the wife of the protected notary with Giuliana Rengifo where she described the cumbiambera as “interested”, before this, the singer did not hesitate to send a forceful response on Instagram.

“It seems like one more issue of money, interests, we know that divorces are tedious, it smells strange to me”, Giuliana Rengifo said.

According to Magaly Medina, it was Katherine Tapia herself who asked for help to support her husband with Giuliana Rengifo. “The lady told us that she wanted an ampay like Melissa’s and the activator”he added.

During her program, Magaly Medina exposed the conversations that Katherine Tapia had with her production team, where she says she is sure that her husband has a link with the cumbiambera.

Sir, I trust your discretion, I felt desperate to write to you because that woman is a scoundrel. (…) I am sure that he has a relationship with that interested woman who brought her to my house”is the message that the notary’s wife.

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