Giuliana Rengifo and all the details of her ampay with a Pucallpino notary who is married

Giuliana Rengifo passionately kisses a notary from Pucallpa who is married to a prosecutor. | Magaly Tv: The firm.

‘Magaly Tv: The Firm’ shared a new ampay this Monday, September 19. The protagonist on this occasion was the singer Giuliana Rengifowho was captured passionately kissing a notary who lives in the city of Pucallpa.

The lawyer’s name is Paul Pineda and according to information from Reniec, he has been married for 20 years to a prosecutor from that region of Peru, with whom he has three children who are minors.

In the images you presented ‘Magaly Tv: The Firm’ It can be clearly seen that there is a lot of trust between the two people, even he organizes a surprise party for her birthday, which was held in the district of Los Olivos.

Until that place came Giuliana Rengifo accompanied by a friend, the moment in which the notary leaves the premises to pay for the taxi in which the cumbiambera traveled to reach her destination is also appreciated.

Once inside this party, the singer is ready to enjoy the food and alcoholic beverages offered by this place. Also, she was encouraged to dance a couple of songs while she showed her renewed figure.

After the meeting, around 04:30 am, the cumbiambera proceeds to leave the place accompanied by her friends. However, before getting into the taxi, the notary approaches her and begins to kiss her passionately.

Giuliana Rengifo at no time rejects the affection she received from this lawyer, only at first she covers herself with a jacket so that the people around her cannot see them.

Despite the fact that he tried to remain discreet, finally the camera of the investigators of ‘Magaly Tv: The Firm’ They managed to capture the precise moment in which they show a lot of affection.

Giuliana Rengifo responds to Magaly Medina. (Photo: Instagram)

After displaying the images, Magaly Medina was encouraged to comment on the ampay, pointing out that Giuliana Rengifo He went out to testify to other media to anticipate the news, assuring that although the notary is married, he is separated from his wife.

At another time, the ‘Urraca’ specified that although this is the version of the cumbiambera, there is another part that has not yet been heard, so tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) it will publish a new part of this ampay , in which it is presumed that the wife will appear talking about the relationship she has with the notary and if the singer actually got into her marriage.

Singer Giuliana Rengifo He spoke to the knowledge of the ampay with the Pucallpino notary Paul Pineda. Through an interview with El Popular, he clarified that the person with whom he is involved is separated.

“Paul is my friend and he is a separate man, I have proof of what I say. Also, I’m single. Everything is fine, thank God, ”said Giuliana, who stressed that she is not in a relationship with said man, they are just dating.

“I don’t have a relationship with him, he’s my friend. I don’t have a formal relationship with anyone. I even have a friendship with Paul’s eldest son, “he said.

Finally, he indicated that Magaly Medina only seeks to harm him with the report presented. “Yes, I think Magaly wants to hurt me. Let her investigate further before damaging honors. He is separate, ”she assured.

It should be remembered that this is the second time that Giuliana Rengifo is involved with a notary. The first was when she herself said that she had had a relationship with Magaly Medina’s current husband, Alfredo Zambrano. On that occasion, the journalist’s partner minimized the situation and indicated that he dated several people when he was single, “but nothing special.”

This would be the second time that he has been linked to a notary. However, now it is the singer who clarifies that there is no relationship between them, they are just friends.

Giuliana Rengifo ranted once again against Alfredo Zambrano, husband of Magaly Medina. In addition, she points out that the journalist is her victim.

In the broadcast of this Monday, September 19, Magaly Medina clarified that she has nothing against the singer, much less is she burned by previous statements by Giuliana, where the singer talks about her relationship with Alfredo Zambrano.

“This is the ampay who can suddenly say: ‘Ah, Magaly sure did it because she’s on fire, she’s hurt.’ I am not burned or hurt with anyone. First, I am a woman so sure of myself that I consider myself so intelligent and beautiful that I never compare myself with anyone, because you don’t have to. People do not have to compare ourselves with the rest. Comparisons in this case are useless,” she stated.

In addition, she clarified that in her program nobody has a crown, and that if at any time she has material from her husband, she would not hesitate to prepare it, because it is a promise that she has made to herself. Treat yourself like other women who have been turned around.


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