Giuliana Rengifo decides to open up about her “relationship” with a married notary

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Singer Giuliana Rengifo declared for a local media after the program “Magaly TV: The Firm“He announced that he has a cumbiambera ‘ampay’ with a married notary. The national interpreter indicated that she is dating the Pucallpino notary Paul Pineda and that he is a separate man.

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Paul is my friend and he is a separate man, I have proof of what I say. Also, I’m single. Everything is fine, thank God.”he pointed Giuliana for the newspaper El Popular. The artist clarified that she still does not have a formal relationship with the notary and that they are only dating to get to know each other better. “I don’t have a relationship with him, he’s my friend. I don’t have a formal relationship with anyone. I even have a friendship with Paul’s eldest son.”he explained for the same medium.

About the information that the program is disseminating Magaly Medinathe singer pointed out that the ATV driver only intends to harm her. Yes, I think Magaly wants to hurt me. Let her investigate further before damaging honors. he is separatedhe concluded.

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