Giuliana Rengifo is sheltered kissing with married Pucallpino notary

Giuliana Rengifo was sheltered kissing a married Pucallpino notary, as can be seen in images broadcast by Magaly TV, La Firme. This would have happened in a celebration of the birthday of the cumbiambera, who when leaving the premises she was caught giving a kiss to this man who appears in Reniec as married.

TROME | Ampay of Giuliana Rengifo with married notary (Magaly TV)


Magaly Tv La Firme launched a preview of its program this Monday, September 19, in which they announce an ampay of the singer Giuliana Rengifo, who in the past claimed to have had an affair with the husband of Magaly Medina, the notary Alfredo Zambrano.

says the advance of the show space of the magpie, which promises to raise controversy this Monday night with the video where she launches an indirect that compromises her own husband.

Trome sources told this newspaper that the production of Magaly Medina had been following Giuliana Rengifo several weeks ago in search of an ampay, just as they did with Aldo Miyashiro several months ago and ended up ampaying the driver and Óscar del Portal.

TROME - Giuliana Rengifo is sheltered kissing with a notary, announces Magaly Tv La Firme
Magaly Tv La Firme announced ampay of Giuliana Rengifo with a notary.

A week ago, the singer Giuliana Rengifo He spoke again about his sentimental past with alfredo zambranohusband of Magaly Medina, and even revealed that the notary returned to look for her at the time she had already resumed her relationship with the popular “Urraca”.

“It was something that happened at the time, The only thing I wanted to settle is that I never got into a relationship.we were at the time when we were both single and if the relationship ended it’s because I wanted to end it… I finished the man because if it depended on him I would continue, what’s more, being with the lady (Medina) he called me on one occasion, but there is no way. Men are like that… and it’s not that I’m flagging,” Rengifo said during an interview on radio Union.

Likewise, he stressed that the notary did not mean something important in his life. “For me, it was nothing, not a nice memory remained. If the lady (Medina) is happy with her penguin, let them be happy and eat partridges, “said the singer, who added that she did not feel alluded to after the journalist stated that it was the ‘snack’ of the husband of she.

I don’t consider myself that way, in any case, we were both snacks at some pointbut she says it in a way that it hurts her that a cumbiambera has been with her husband, it will screw her, but it’s over, “he mentioned.

Finally, he pointed out that Magaly Medina generates money by harming people.

What she has, I don’t have, which is money.. I work without hurting anyone, I did not get into any relationship. My career is based on sacrifice, talent and learningbut not to do harm. She will have a karma that I would not wish on anyone. Thanks to her work, she has her Gucci and her Prada”, she concluded.

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