Giuliana Rengifo lashes out at Magaly: “You’re on fire, you can’t get over the fact that I was with your notary”

CAN’T HOLD ANYTHING. Giuliana Rengifo assured that Magaly Medina he is embarrassed for trying to tarnish a woman’s honor. This after ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ broadcast her ampay kissing a married notary.

The cumbiambera appeared LIVE on the “Amor y Fuego” program, where she brought evidence to make it clear that Paul Pineda, the notary from Pucall with whom he is linked, is totally separated from his wife.

“I’m tired of Magaly continuing to insist and persecute, I don’t know what she has with me. She’s chasing me, I know it. She doesn’t care about her assets, that her husband is also a notary, ”, she said.

In that line, Giuliana Rengifo She warned that she will continue to defend her honorability as a woman, despite the fact that the “magpie” has her between her eyebrows for having maintained a relationship with her husband Alfredo Zambrano, who is also a notary.

“I am a mother and a single woman, we are not talking about saints here, but I have never been in a relationship, I am not one to destroy a home. I am a woman who has values ​​and, she pointed out.

TROME | Giuliana Rengifo explodes LIVE against Magaly

at another time, Giuliana Rengifo He proposed to Magaly Medina to talk directly, face to face, to clarify some points.

“Enough, do you want to be direct? Then we can talk about it, but please, stop sullying my honor as a woman. I am Melissa Paredes who remains silent, I have no tail, absolutely, I have no vice, “she pointed out.

Paul Pineda, the notary with whom she was protected Giuliana Rengifo through the cameras of Magaly Medina, he broke his silence for the cameras of Amor y Fuego and assured that he had been separated from Katerine, his still wife, since May of this year. “I love and respect my ex a lot, we have a good relationship for my children”he indicated.

He also noted that his wife still lives in the family home with their children and he in his apartment, but when she travels to Lima she stays with her children in their home. On the other hand, he affirmed that both his friends and his relatives are aware of their separation.

According to Paul Pineda, he met Giuliana Rengifo at a concert in July. “My son passed the word to me and we took her home with a dancer, I have several videos of the show”, indicated the notary for Amor y Fuego in a live link.

In that sense, he assured that the cumbiambera is not his partner, but a friend, despite the kiss they starred in. , she shortened.

On the other hand, he indicated that the only outing he had with Giuliana was due to an invitation from his manager when he was in Lima to celebrate the artist’s birthday.

Finally, he assured that about a month ago he was dating another girl and the kiss he starred in with Giuliana Rengifo was at the same time. “When the kiss happened, I had nothing to do with that girl”he explained.

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