Giuliana Rengifo: notary’s wife assures that Magaly Medina sympathizes with her after ‘ampay’

Giuliana Rengifo returned to monopolize the headlines of the entertainment media after being ‘protected’ with the notary Paul Pinedawho, according to Reniec, is married to prosecutor Katherine Tapia.

Following the release of the program report “Magaly TV: The Firm”the singer came forward to clarify that she is not the lover and that the notary has been separated from the mother of her children for two months.

The cumbiambera was presented this Tuesday, September 20, at the “Love and Fire” program to show chats and audios where Katherine Tapia reveals that the program of Magaly Medina I would be offering him a large sum of money to give an interview.

They want to pay me $1,000 and my tickets for a virtual interview, and much more in person”, is read in a conversation that the prosecutor would have had with the Pucallpino notary.

Giuliana Rengifo also made public audios in which Katherine Tapia He clarifies that he will not provide statements and that he even threatened to denounce the “Urraca” program at his insistence.

They even told me that they could transfer me to Magaly herself, that Magaly Medina She feels very identified with me, but let her decide, right? I can go right now, they even keep calling me, that I can take my ticket right now and go and they buy my ticket and I spend the night there with them, that they pay me whatever I want, but they want me to give my testimony”, the prosecutor is heard saying in an audio.

“I have cut them off, I have told them that I am going to report them if they keep calling me, I want to be calm, Paul, I want to be calm, please, look at my children in Lima, my house alone, I no longer go to work, I feel sad And on top of this with Magaly, leave me alone, I haven’t said anything that could harm you.“, Add.

Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother's surprise
Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother’s surprise

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