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Giuliana Rengifo rules out relationship with the notary: “I do not formalize with anyone, I want to be single”

Giuliana Rengifo gave an interview to the program ‘En boca de todos’, through a video call, where she spoke about the ampay she had with the notary Paul Pineda and about their relationship.

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Genesis Tapia asked the former member of Agua Bella if he thinks of formalizing his relationship with Pineda, if in case he divorces his current wife: “I have a doubt, in case it is formalized and the divorce that is taking place by mutual agreement arrives. Would you consider formalizing a relationship with him or have you already ruled him out?Genesis asked Rengifo.

“I do not formalize my relationship with anyone, I want to be single for a long time. I want to love myself, pamper myself”answered the singer bluntly.

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In addition, she made it clear that if Paul Pineda hires her again, she would have no problem accepting: “He likes cumbia, he admires my career and my work. If he would agree, it’s work!”

Finally, he indicated that the only relationship he has with the notary is friendship: “I do not have a relationship with the man, he is my friend”Rengifo revealed.

Giuliana Rengifo

Giuliana Rengifo would give an interview to Magaly Medina: “I want to go to her set”

In the program ‘En boca de todos’ they began to refer to the topic of ampay after showing a story from Giuliana’s Instagram where she wrote: “Now you take my life out of scandals, you say, Magaly Medina, when before you applauded my work. Stop calling me to interview me”shared.

From there, the singer commented that she did not rule out going to Magaly’s set to give her an interview. “Things are edited, when edited, things are not made clear”he stated. “I want to go to her set”he stressed.


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