Giulliana Rengifo: ‘Now I am an indomitable filly’

The singer Giulliana Rengifo said that more suitors are raining down on her as a result of the gastric sleeve being done and the ‘boobs’ being operated on, however, she clarified that she is not desperate to find love because she is focused on her boutique and highlighted that now she is an indomitable filly.

“If there are suitors? Yes. There are people out there, on Instagram they invite me to go out, they offer me trips and many other things, but there is no way that I accept because I respect myself a lot. I’m not looking for love, but I think it will come at some point. I’m not desperate to find someone either because I’m focused on my ‘Boutique Giulliana Rengifo’, which will be two months old since it opened at ‘CC Los Balcones de Olimpo’ in Salamanca. I want to continue growing provincially, in addition, I will record a new song, so, if love comes, let it come, but first it must go through the bionic eye of my daughters and my mother because on two occasions I have not been able to choose. I no longer plan to make the same mistakes,” Rengifo said.

At this point in your life… Do you no longer need a man to paint you little birds?

Not because I paint them myself and under the stars myself. I’m not a millionaire or anything, but the woman who wants to move on does it and she will do it in the best way.

Do you consider yourself a eligible single?

Yes. Men are afraid of me and of committing too, because now they are looking for a submissive woman, suddenly, someone who can handle them. At one point in my life I was like that, but not anymore. I am now an empowered woman and indomitable filly. I am in a beautiful stage of my life, together with my family, my daughters and growing professionally.

You recently reduced your ‘boobies’… Are you already recovered from the operation?

I am in the recovery process, it has been very tedious, but I had to do it at once. I wanted some ‘boobies’ that go according to my new silhouette and now I have them.

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