Gk live (replay) – ianoo and Luma carve deformed monster in the improbable Source of Madness

Upon landing in the room stream, Luma had no idea what awaited him. “You’ll see, it’s a roguelite, based on tentacles and lovecraftian madness“, Ianoo had briefly told him. In short: nothing very confusing. And yet: in the face of enemies ragdoll with indescribable behavior, she was forced to recognize that this GK Live was slowly but surely rocking into another dimension, made up of rubbery fights and crippled fights. On the program: the discovery of the universe, its concept of AI in machine learninghis first fights (notably with an ubiquitous boss), his skill tree, and the hidden meaning of this unclassifiable work, which must surely sleep somewhere, lurking in the heart of this ineffable Source of Madness.

Released in version 1.0 on May 11, Source of Madness is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/Series and Switch

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