“Glad to win”: Andy Kusnetzoff’s withering comment against Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand returned to television on Saturdays with her program “La Noche de Mirtha” and she has to compete against “PH, Podemos Hablar”, hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, very established and with a rating to envy. Or at least, that is what could be seen last Saturday, September 17, in the numbers.

Although Mirtha Legrand’s return was expected to be much more forceful, finally, Andy Kusnetzoff He took the score of the Saturday prime time and the beloved Chiquita left a bitter taste in some viewers. About all this the figure of Telefe spoke with “LAM” and, despite always maintaining respect, he also sent a forceful stick to the competition.

Telefe brought together Alex Caniggia, ‘El profe’ Córdoba, Julieta Díaz, Luciano Castro and Grego Rossello.

“As always, obviously It is an expectation, but I am super happy because I liked my program. You know when you make a good program, although I was also nervous because I know what Mirtha generates, but I presented a good program. I’m not looking intentionally because I respect what Mirtha is and I admire that she’s still there, but I’m still happy to winI’m not going to lie to you either“, said Andy Kusnetzoff to a mobile from the Ángel de Brito program.

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