Gloomy news about Margrethe – days after the illness

Earlier this week, it was announced that Queen Margrethe had been infected with covid-19. Now comes another sad news.

The royals who had covid-19!

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On Wednesday, the Danish court announced that Queen Margrethe, 82, tested positive for covid-19.

“She is currently at Fredensborg Castle. The Queen’s activities this week have therefore been cancelled,” the statement read.

The announcement came just two days after Margrethe attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London, along with over 2,000 others.

Margrethe is said to have tested positive for covid-19 the day after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London.

Photo: TT

Sad news: Queen Margrethe missed the big party

On Friday evening, a party is held for the government, the Danish parliament and the Danish EU parliamentarians on the occasion of the Queen’s jubilee.

But due to Margrethe’s illness, she has been forced to refrain from attending – even though she was actually supposed to be the evening’s hostess.

Instead, the son, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mary stepped in for the Queen, writes the court.

The Swedish and Danish royals sat next to each other during the funeral ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

Photo: Gareth Fuller/TT

Sat next to the King and Queen Silvia during the funeral

Something that has caused concern among many is the fact that Margrethe and Frederik sat next to the Swedish royal couple during the entire funeral on Monday.

Fortunately, neither the king nor Silvia should have been infected with covid-19, according to the court.

– The king and queen follow the Public Health Authority’s recommendations regarding testing and handle the situation and possible measures in a responsible manner, the court’s information manager Margareta Thorgren told The Express on Wednesday.

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