GNTM – After circulatory problems – bitter end for Vivien

It’s being sifted out again with “Germany’s Next Top Model” – and not every candidate gets this pressure.

On Thursday evening, the “meeedchen” and women fought for the semi-finals, and of course not without obstacles.

High-ranking visitors also put extra pressure on the cauldron: Kerstin Schneider (48), editor-in-chief of “Harper’s Bazaar”, was looking for a cover model for her magazine. Heidi Klum (48) revealed: “With this photo, a dream comes true for my models. With this photo, I’ll be crowning the Season 17 winner in a few weeks.”

Nothing escaped the strict gaze of Heidi Klum (r.) and “Harper’s Bazaar” editor-in-chief Kerstin SchneiderPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

For the fateful picture, the Californian desert became an alien landing site: extraterrestrial creatures in bizarre costumes posed next to the models, who wore dresses with meter-long trains.

Noëlla (25) couldn’t imagine anything nicer: “I was speechless. This is the shoot we’ve all been waiting for!”

Noëlla posed with a rocket alien

Noëlla posed with a rocket alienPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Again trouble about Lieselotte

Lieselotte (66) once again found the excitement exaggerated and emphasized that there were other priorities in her life: “I’m so different from her. I have completely different thoughts. In the fashion industry, being on the cover is something really big.”

This indifference was not well received by her colleagues. Anita (21) vented her anger: “I’m just shocked that she doesn’t mind at all.” She herself was already more ambitious in the matter – but that didn’t suit the other top model candidates either.

The ambitious Anita gave everything during the shoot

The ambitious Anita gave everything during the shootPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

After Anita complained that she couldn’t rehearse properly for the dance performance of the decision walk, Noëlla chatted about the candidate’s sewing box: “It’s nothing new that Anita is sometimes bitchy. I don’t know it any other way, I just ignore it.”

Vivien breaks off rehearsals

Anita’s friend Vivien (22) handled it similarly: “I hid the Anita thing. I then put my earplugs in and listen to music.”

Even when it came to rehearsing the choreographies with dance star Tiffany Simone, she remained relaxed at first and saw herself as far ahead with her ballet experience. Noëlla wasn’t worried about Vivien at all: “The only one who’s good at choreo is Vivi.”

The young models during dance training

The young models during dance trainingPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

The choreographer, however, saw it differently and only showered the competition with praise: “Luca, your energy really shines. That’s what I need Anita dances really really well.”

Too much for Vivien, who not only struggled with fear of failure but also with the heat. She broke off the rehearsals, ran into the kitchen and bent over the sink. A worried Lieselotte ran after her, even holding Vivien’s hair, who was already choking.

Their nerves were on edge: “I blacked out ten times. I thought I’d throw up on the patio right away. I really didn’t feel well.” However, her friend Anita did not even think about taking care of Vivien: “Pause now, I would not forgive myself.”

Disappointment was added to Vivien’s nausea: “That was the first time I noticed: here you have to separate friendship and competition. The only person who took care of me a bit was Lieselotte. Anita just made sure she got the choreo in.”

Lieselotte took care of Vivien

Lieselotte took care of VivienPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

GNTM off for Vivien

Even more bitter for Vivien: After the decision walk with a dance performance in front of Heidi Klum, pop star Ava Max (28) and Kerstin Schneider, Anita had a photo and thus a ticket to the semifinals.

Schneider did not skimp on praise: “Anita, for me you were one of the best at the photo shoot.” Vivien, on the other hand, had to take criticism. Kerstin Schneider wasn’t convinced: “You always used the same expression. There was no photo where we said: This is it.”

Model mother Heidi Klum (left) with pop star Ava Max

Model mother Heidi Klum (left) with pop star Ava MaxPhoto: ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Ava Max was also missing something: “We would have liked to see more of your personality.” That meant the “Germany’s Next Top Model” end for Vivien.

She heard the dreaded phrase from Heidi Klum: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo for you today.”

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