God of War: This is what a remake of the original would look like using Unreal Engine 5

In 2018 has God of War received a reboot on PS4 with the protagonist Kratos traveling in Norse mythology. The series has already celebrated its debut 2005, where Kratos cared for various deities of Greek mythology. The YouTube channel of TeaserPlay the question has now arisen as to how a remake of the original can be combined with the current one Unreal Engine 5 would look like this. The result of his project has now been shared as a video.

New look for Kratos and Zeus

Many functions of the new version of the Unreal Engine were used during the creation. Environments have been beautified with lumens, nanites, and ray tracing. For the Kratos and Zeus models, the developers used the Metahuman software. Several areas that fans may still know from the first game will shine in new splendor. There is no fight in the footage. In its projects, TeaserPlay attaches great importance to the design of the game world.

More games with Unreal Engine 5

But God of War is not the only title that can be found on the YouTube channel. Just a few days ago, we also introduced you to a Bully remake – also in Unreal Engine 5. Other concepts include remakes of Dino Crisis, Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, Silent Hill and more. You can also find ideas for Dark Souls 4, Far Cry 7 or GTA 6 on the channel. We have included the God of War video below.

God of War Ragnarok will be released later this year

Fans won’t have to wait much longer for Kratos and Atreus’ next adventure. At the November 9, 2022 becomes God of War Ragnarok Coming to retail for PS5 and PS4. It’s the sequel to 2018’s God of War. Just recently, Sony has new ones too Story and gameplay details of the title revealed.

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